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It is not easy to find the best web host with so many providers to choose from. You have several providers that focus mainly on web hosting, and several that have a completely different focus, but offer web hosting as well. For example, you can find web hosting solutions from cloud service providers, or you can use your domain provider. Domain providers often also offer web hosting solutions. In addition, it is possible to buy web hosting solutions from companies that actually focus on providing accounting services or financial services.

Who you choose depends entirely on what you need from a web hosting service, and in addition what else your company needs in addition to web hosting. You also need to consider what you want to do yourself, or what you absolutely want others to take care of.

Best web hosting for you

When you are going to find out what is the best web host for you, it depends on many factors. First and foremost, you need an understanding of what to expect from a web hosting solution. Not everyone is aware of what it takes to create a website. To understand what it means to use a web host, you must first be absolutely sure of what you need. You have several options. You can choose free solutions where you can design your own website, but this may mean that there are limitations to the solution, or that it is advertising-financed. And there is also great variation in what you have to do yourself on the different solutions in the different price levels.

So what do you need to consider to find the best web host for you? One factor that may be important to some, but which does not always have much significance for the service you buy, is whether it is a Norwegian or foreign service. We have several good services in Norway, but in many cases a foreign service can be just as good. It may be important where they are located in relation to the response time on your website. Established Norwegian suppliers have long had the advantage of being located at efficient hubs for network traffic for Norwegian customers. Web technology is constantly evolving, and this argument is slowly being erased and most people today offer CDN services that make it no matter where you buy web hosting. This also means that Norwegian suppliers have recently also begun to offer their services in other countries.

But first we need to know what we need. If we do not have knowledge of internet technology, it may be a good idea to find a service that arranges everything for us. A solution where you design your website via a web solution and the web hosting provider handles all the technical, can be an advantage if we have little IT knowledge. We can also get help from some providers to create a domain, or we can take that part ourselves from another provider.

Web hosting, Best web hosting, What is web hosting, Web hosting for beginners, Website hosting, Best free web hosting, Wordpress hosting

But even then, you may want to investigate which vendors offer automatic installation of the various tools. It is possible to do it yourself, but much easier if the web hosting solution offers automation in this. After the product is installed, we can use all the functionality in the product, and can also make changes ourselves. This is definitely the easiest solution to get cheap web hosting. But it also demands the most of us. We must then take care to upgrade the software once in a while, and we must make sure to take backup.

When you start a business or others, organization, or other similar public activities, today there is no way around having a website if you are to be seen as a serious player. Your website starts with a domain and web hosting.

Web hosting is equipped with specialized hardware and software to efficiently perform web hosting. When you pay for a package, you will usually pay for a small portion of the capacity of the server your website is stored on. Since the cost is shared by many users, it is possible for web hosts to sell packages that make it much cheaper to use a web hosting provider than it would be to take care of the web hosting itself.

A few years ago, it was also important that a web hotel was located in Norway, as this could mean better speeds and less latency. We have long been spoiled by having good web hosting providers in Norway. Web hosting in Norway and web hosting in Norway have been around for a long time, and the offer has suited many. You have been able to buy both domain and web hosting from Norwegian companies that have provided services of the absolute best quality. In recent years, competition from abroad has increased along with increased network capacity and quality. Norwegian suppliers have received competition from abroad, but this also means that Norwegian suppliers can compete with foreign suppliers abroad.

Nevertheless, there are many reasons to choose a Norwegian supplier. One factor is that one wants to support the Norwegian business community. It can be tough to start a business in Norway, especially when the competition comes in from large suppliers in other European countries, for example. These can have much less fixed expenses both for renting premises and for labor. If you are aware of choosing Norwegian suppliers, this can support those who start services in Norway. For many, it can be important to have access to Norwegian support. Not everyone is equally fluent in English, which is the language that will be used by foreign web hosts.

Why use Norwegian web hosting

Location of the server in Norway is one of the reasons why many Norwegian companies prefer to use Norwegian web hosting. For those who have many Norwegian users, a shorter distance between the user and the server where the web pages are stored will make the page work faster for Norwegian users, who thus get a better user experience.

However, the quality of hardware is often not the most important factor affecting the speed of your web pages. At least as important as the type of hosting you choose. Some of the most common traditional offerings are shared hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting and WordPress hosting.

Shared hosting

For most people, shared hosting is fine. Shared hosting means that your website is stored on the same server as many other websites. It is possible to run several hundred websites from one and the same server, which means efficient utilization of resources, and thus lower prices. Shared hosting is best suited for websites with relatively low traffic, and where price is a more important factor than the performance of the website .

Dedicated hosting

Some customers need completely separate servers from other customers. This may be for security reasons or because they need above average performance on the pages. Dedicated hosting servers can also be configured exactly the way you want without it creaking for other users.

Dedicated web hosting is more expensive than shared hosting, and it requires you to have much more knowledge. At the same time, IT professionals have better control over privacy and system resources. The performance on dedicated hosting is somewhat better than on, for example, VPS hosting, especially when it comes to stability. There are websites with high traffic that today can enjoy the best of the benefits of dedicated hosting.

VPS hosting

Between shared hosting and dedicated hosting, you will find Virtual Private Server (VPS). This is a cross between dedicated hosting and shared hosting. With this form of web hosting, you can enjoy many of the same benefits that you have with a dedicated server from a technical or security point of view.

At the same time, a shared server is used to host many different websites, so you can still enjoy the lower prices that come with efficient use of resources. One of the things that is popular with VPS hosting is that you, like dedicated hosting, have the freedom to use your own settings. You will also have more clarity and predictability around the use of system resources.

Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting means a group of servers collaborating in such a way that the service is never down. If one of the servers is down, the others will automatically take over the traffic. Cloud hosting services can thus guarantee that your site is always available. Cloud hosting is a good solution if it is very important to you that your websites are always available without downtime.

WordPress hosting

WordPress has become an increasingly common standard for publishing and building websites. Many web hosting providers have therefore decided to make this process easier for their customers by offering one-click installation, automatic updates, automatic website backup, and more. WP is one example of good providers of WordPress hosting .

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