Blogger Cleanup Template 2022 New Blogger Interface


Blogger Cleanup Template 2022 New Blogger Interface

Downloading a clean blogger 2022 template is indispensable for those who have a blogger blog, because you will need it when changing the template to get rid of the remnants of old templates. Therefore, this article will explain the advantage of using a blog cleaning template. Also, download the blogger XML cleanup template and the blogger HTML cleanup template. And we will learn how to use the Blogger Clean 2022 template and the new blogger interface after the update and download it via a direct link.

 The importance and use of the Blogger cleaning template

The Blogger cleaning template uses the new Blogger Blogger interface to get rid of the remnants of the old templates. For example, unused plugins, as well as the removal of unimportant codes if you want to install a new template for a blog.

This is done so that there are no codes from previous templates in the blog, because if forgotten codes and codes accumulate, this will lead to slowness of the blog and insufficient response speed.

Because the Blogger cleaning template cleans up some template additions that are not removed when the template is changed, and it has many other features. Initially, this is a blogger template that is installed like any regular template, but it does not contain tools and plugins.

How to use the Blogger Cleaning Template 2022

To use the blogger cleanup template on your blog, go to the blogger website. Log in to your Google account to access your blog and go to the Appearance section from the side menu.

Go to the Personalization section and next to the word Personalization you will find an arrow pointing down, click on it. Then select Edit HTML to put the cleanup code.

Delete all the codes on this page and enter the code of the Blogger 2022 cleaning template, then click on the Save Appearance icon in the upper left corner of the page.

After using the cleanup template, whatever is left of your blog templates will be deleted.

Go back one step to the topic or open the blogger again if you want. And select your template by clicking on the arrow next to Personalization. And click on restore and install the template without problems in this way.

Important tips before downloading a clean blogger 2022 template

  1. If you are faced with a problem due to which the page is not saved after adding the blogger template code, the solution to this problem is easy and simple. It consists in downloading a template from Blogger Blogger Templates, which are in appearance under the word Personalization.

  • The new blogger XML or HTML clean template files have the same function of cleaning the remnants of the old template. It is designed to clean up tools, plugins and commands left on the blog. From the consequences of the previous old templates, so using one file does without the other.

  • Before proceeding to change the look of your blog, we advise you to make a backup copy of your blog template before changing anything. This is done in order to avoid mistakes in the blog and to be able to return to the old appearance before making changes.

  • You should download free and paid Blogger blog templates from its main source, not from unofficial sites. To be free from problems or unused or malicious codes to avoid errors in your template.

  • Do not download too many plugins to the template in the blogger platform, and this is important in order not to negatively affect the speed of the site. Thus, your topics will not be published in search engines, and the profit will decrease.

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